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Audiovisual Conference


LIFT KC was created by Co-Founders Kelly Sullivan and Adam Hawley when they saw a void in Kansas City's networking community. Mainly, groups tended to not represent a cross-section of people, ideas, wealth, and genders. LIFT KC is intentional about ensuring our audience brings many perspectives together. Our only requirement: we expect you to be a community leader through your efforts, access and influence.

Quarterly, we seek to bring Kansas City's #changemakers in front of our group for candid conversations around civic interests. Past speakers have included Dr. Mark Bedell,  Karen Hornig, Josh Rowland, Darcy Howe, Nikki Newton, Adrienne Haynes, Greg Flisram, and the Jackson County Prosector's Team. All of these #changemakers shared candid insight into their respective topics, and LIFT KC members get the opportunity to hear directly from these experts.


Our events will always touch one or more of these areas:

Human Capital: Investing into people through education, health, and mentorship

Policy/Government: Educate and inform members on local issues that effect our city and region.

Economic Sustainability: Establish opportunities from which improved community wellbeing and quality of life are realized.

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